Does CBD Oil Have THC? [What Science Says]

 CBD oil has been growing in popularity in the past few years due to its legalization and the fall of negative stigma associated with cannabis. It has been found to help many different ailments and conditions, ranging from anxiety, lack of concentration, muscle pain and inflammation, and much more. But as much as people would like to try this new miracle plant oil, many are afraid to because they simply are not well-educated on what CBD oil is and how it differs from cannabis. One of the main reasons that people stay away from using or trying out CBD oil is because of the psychoactive stereotype associated with cannabis. The first thing to know is that CBD oil is made from industrial hemp, which contains very little THC, the psychoactive constituent of the cannabis plant. Usually, industrial hemp contains 0.3% THC content or less, which is an extremely low amount. Furthermore, when the hemp goes in for processing, the oil is extracted and it goes through many different processes which further eliminate the remaining trace amounts of THC. 
There are two main types of CBD oil: Full-spectrum oil and broad-spectrum oil. The full spectrum CBD oil will contain a little bit more THC than the broad spectrum, because the full spectrum is the least processed of the CBD oils. It contains the vast majority of terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, and phytochemicals that are found in the hemp plant. By trying to eliminate even trace amounts of THC, a lot of these beneficial substances are removed from the oil and many believe that this downplays the benefits that can be incurred from the plant. If you are worried about THC showing up on a drug test, however, broad-spectrum may be for you because it contains even lower trace amounts of THC – practically 0% in some cases. It goes through a lot more processing than the full spectrum oil and is not in as natural a state as the full spectrum variety. There are many different ways you can consume CBD, such as through oils, balms, and even CBD cream. Either way, you can still choose whether you want full-spectrum or broad-spectrum depending on which company you purchase from. But generally, these are the two most popular options as far as CBD oil goes. 
So, overall there is not really any THC to begin with, even in the full spectrum oils; it is not enough to get you high and you will not cause any sort of psychoactive effects from the CBD oil. If this has been something that has been holding you back from trying CBD oil, it’s probably a relief to know that this is the case. But if you really want something that has practically 0% THC or an extremely small amount, then broad-spectrum may be a better option for you. Depending on your circumstances and what exactly you're looking for in a CBD oil, knowing the difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum is without a doubt a beneficial thing to know in making the best choice for you!